Living with Meaning

Charity Drive for a Million Hopes LIVING WITH MEANING is the brainchild of Herley Abdul Hamid, the Ambassador at Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory.

As the author, speaker and fundraiser of the book Living With Meaning, Herley started the idea in February 2014 after Herley met with the President of Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory (SCAS&FT), Dato’ Seri Langat Diraja (Dr) Lam Peng Chong  when he expressed his intention of writing the book and subsequently dedicating 100% of the royalty of the book to the SCAS&FT’s Redevelopment Programme.

To Herley, the charity drive is a personal dedication named after his son, Muhammad Haziq Bin Herley who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  Muhammad Haziq was one of the students that benefited from the services provided at SCAS&FT; however, due to the complexity of his condition, further rehabilitation for him has been put on halt especially there is significant fatality risk in relation to his severe aspiration pneumonia due to complex feeding requirement as a result of severe esophageal dyspagia.

From the start of the charity project, Herley had insisted that an RM 1Million was only a “hope” as the amount targeted would be far-fetched especially if it was to be driven by the sale of a book of an unknown writer.

Will you support the dream of a father to make a difference in the life of thousands of other children.  Let’s make a difference, contact us to support.

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